About enABLE

 enABLE Faith Ministry works with the local church to provide intentional discipleship that leads people into their full potential as servants of our LORD.


enABLE Faith Ministry works with the local church to provide intentional discipleship, advocacy and education so that Christian’s with developmental disabilities can develop their Kingdom Role.

The enABLE Faith Ministry services Christian’s with special needs, their families, and those who support them, through the local church, by being a place of support, friendship, and discipleship.


Our mission is to support you in developing your Kingdom Role, by being a safe place of for you to receive Christian discipleship.

Our Philosophy of Ministry

Through relationship based discipleship; we enABLE Christians in fulfilling their calling by helping them develop their Kingdom Role. By helping you developing your gifts and define your personal vision, our mentors will coach you into every good things GOD has for you.

We offer the following opportunities…

On a weekly basis, we support you in participating in Sunday worship. We also provide during Sunday worship service, a respite service.  Monthly, we visit with people in their homes and share in fellowship, worship, prayer, and the word.

Starting in the fall of 2012
Weekly community dinner, fellowship, prayer, worship, testimonies, the word, and fun. We hope to see you at our “Fellowship Fridays”.  On both Friday and Sunday starting in October 2012, we will be also offering families with young children who have Autism Spectrum Difference respite opportunities. 

During the summer:
1. enABLE Friendship Cafe

Outreach and education:
* Advocacy
* Community Awareness
* Training for Christian leaders, volunteers, and interested believers on how to develop a ministry for people with disabilities that will bring healing, hope, and a role within the kingdom of GOD.

Remember that our location is accessible to all.

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God bless you for your visit,