Why Enable?

Currently, in Canada, there are over 4 million persons with disabilities and in Ontario, 1 in 7 have some form of disabilities and this number will increase to 1 in 5.   Furthermore, 1 in every 88 persons is born with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   Many times these persons are excluded from participation in the community. Currently, less than 5% of these people have a meaningful relationship with a Christian Church. 

Practically speaking, there is a good chance that you know someone with a disability, have or will have a disability at some point.  As such, we are your voice in the faith community because…

  • We respect the rights of Christians with disabilities to learn about Jesus and participate in the Great Commission by fulfilling God’s desire for Christian’s with disabilities as seen in the bible.
  • This is God’s direction for us to be with those who have been marginalized meeting a global humanitarian need.
  • It’s just the right thing to do! Besides some of the greatest Christian in history had disabilities.
  • Christian’s with disabilities have much to offer the community and we want to enable them to reach their full potential as servants of God.

Over The Last 100 Years…

Adults with disabilities have not always been treated well by society. Some have even experienced social rejection even by the church.   However, in the last 100 years, adults with disabilities have moved from living in long-term institutions that were inhumane into the community.   Now, these same people are finally apart of our community but continue to carry the wounds of devaluation.  Currently, adults with disabilities continue to experience social isolation and often times their homes are institutional.  Our goal is to provide spiritual support that will lead to healing and enable you to develop your valued roles in Jesus so that you may minister to the community.

Our Ministry Strategy…

We believe that Jesus has given every human being different natural and spiritual gifts. These gifts are meant to be used in a number of roles within the community.   We believe that God is calling Christian with disabilities into His service.  By working with us, enABLE will help you to discover God’s vision for your life and support you in achieving your calling in accordance to the will of God.

Paul wrote, “we have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us” (Romans 12:6) and that “God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable,” (Romans 11:29). These gifts are not limited only to those without disabilities. In Acts 2.4, Peter referred to the Prophet Joel in explaining what was happening here. The Spiritual gifts fall on everyone according to the will of God.

You Are Included….

As a member of enABLE, you are fully included in all aspects of our faith community. Every service and ministry of Willowdale Pentecostal Church is completely open to you. We will work with you to ensure that your experience enhances your relationship with Jesus.  However, some Christian’s with disabilities have asked for or need more support than others.  As such we are developing a more direct and intentional ministry that will disciple you into your calling in Christ Jesus.

  • Our Modified Worship Experience is an opportunity for you to practice your ministry gifts, while enjoying fellowship with other who share your faith.   Recognizing that everyone learns differently and at different speeds, this ministry will be catered to enable you to grow in Christ.
  • This service begins with a joint worship in song in the main sanctuary with our mother church Willowdale Pentecostal Church.
  • We also provide other opportunities for you to develop your own Kingdom Role.

For more information about our fully inclusive ministries at Willowdale Pentecostal Church visit http://www.willowdalepc.com/#/fridays and feel free to contact us at 416 222 1631 if you have any question about Friday Night Live.


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