enABLE Ministries


What makes enABLE unique?

Our commitment to discipleship that has purpose.  Using our personal discipleship strategy, we work with you to establish a discipleship plan.  Once the plan is set, we help you develop community supports and take each step towards your ministry.

What might this look like?

For one individual it meant preaching in seniors homes, for another teaching bible studies.  Another man opened up our first chapel in a SIL program.  In our second chapel in Downsview, an individual began to lead worship.   Another person found out how much his church really cared about what happened to him when a small group began to support him so he could stay in his home.  For each person there is a different outcome based on their discipleship plan, and availability of resources.

In order to give you the resources you need to succeed and develop your ministry skills, we offer the following opportunities to develop meaningful connections within the faith community.


We are currently offering:

1. W@W – Wednesday’s at Willowdale, Starting September 27th at 6:30 pm.

2. enABLE Cafe, Monthly at different locations in Toronto.

3. enABLE Home Ministry, Monthly in different homes.

If you would like more information regarding the ministry activities contact us at 416 835 4197 (Mobile Office Number) or at 416 2221632 (WPC Office Number).

I can also be emailed at jova7@live.ca or you can find us on Face Book at http://www.facebook.com/#!/EnableFaithMinistry?bookmark_t=page

God Bless.